LightShape Technology

Dynamic White made easy. Take the complexity and mystery out of dynamic white lighting with eldoLED’s LightShape technology.

What Is LightShape Technology?

LightShape creates a smart relationship between control input and LED outputs This enables precision lighting design in Dim to Warm and Tunable White applications.

Combining eldoLED drivers with LightShape creates dynamic white lighting with your choice of controls and LED modules. The LightShape driver-side color science produces consistent results without prescribing matching brand components. Making interoperability simple.


LightShape uses DALI and 0-10V standard controls to adapt your LED driver to your LED module. Create your dynamic white lighting vision by using your preferred standard controls and LED selection.

Tunable White Lighting With LightShape Technology

eldoLED’s LightShape Tunable White technology lets you set the mood and enhance the feelings of performance or well-being.


LightShape Tunable White technology reproduces nature's light intensity, colors and transitions for Circadian health. Retailers can balance the natural light’s transition and effects for consistent lighting.

Tunable White Image with LightShape technology

We give you all the tools to set your application’s scene:

  • DUALdrive LED driver-compatible

  • Intuitive color temperature (CCT) and intensity control

  • Flexible intensity dimming curve settings for control and interoperability

  • Definable CCT color balance that works with a majority of tunable white LED configurations

Tunable White

Tunable White is available in DUALdrive for applications that include:

  • Daylighting in retail, office and hospitality spaces

  • Circadian lighting in hospital and learning spaces

  • Interior Design Lighting in hospitality and residential spaces

Dim to Warm Lighting With LightShape Technology

eldoLED’s Dim to Warm produces similar dimming properties to incandescent lighting. 


Dim to Warm creates a comfortable ambiance. Our proprietary technology seamlessly manages the color science. behind dimming two different white LED sources from cool to warm.


  • SOLOdrive LED driver-compatible with 2 output and LightShape

  • Suitable for single input 0-10V, DALI or LEDcode controls or sensors

  • Transitions smoothly from cool to warm with a linear CCT dimming curve for white LEDs

  • Tunable for the CCT Gamut of your light engines and any CCT Path within the Gamut

Dim to Warm

Dim to Warm is available on SOLOdrive for applications that include:

  • Mood Lighting in hospitality and residential spaces

  • Retrofit lighting in spaces that have mixed LED and incandescent sources

  • Traditional fixtures with LED in hospitality, architectural and residential spaces


LightShape Technology Applications

Our LightShape drivers manage dynamic white dimming in your most critical or creative applications.

LightShape drivers consistently deliver for designs that must reproduce daylight’s dynamic colors or emulate the familiar warm dimming of incandescent light.

LightShape Technology Key Takeaways

Our LightShape technology provides:

  • Driver-side colorscience

  • Tunable White

  • Dim to Warm 

  • Smooth changes in color and brightness

LightShape Flyer

See also our LightShape flyer for an introduction:





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