LEDcode Technology

There’s a variety of manufacturer-specific of lighting controls and control protocols. Some protocols are closed systems while others integrate with controls and sensors. 


eldoLED drivers use an intra-luminaire bus called LEDcode. This enables the driver’s communication with controls and sensors from SensorSwitch, nLight, Atrius and Casambi.


Our proprietary LEDcode control also communicates to select Emergency components from nLight and IOTA Life Safety.


What Is LEDcode Technology?


LEDcode is a digital two wire bus that programs the driver and communicates with select sensors and controls. You can program your desired lighting solution at your factory or in the field using our FluxTool software and other tooling devices.


Our LEDcode communication bus provides power to some sensors and controls. This eliminates the need for additional auxiliary power supply options.


Leverage our FluxTool software and TOOLbox for LED driver configuration and finetuning for your lighting application. Endless possibilities are at your fingertips with an LED output current range in 1mA, steps between 150 and 1400mA, minimum dimming levels and dim curve type. You can also commission a variety of DMX/RDM settings for dynamic applications.

LEDcode Technology Benefits

Our LEDcode technology enables:

  • Digital configuration and programming in the factory

  • Seamless interoperability between lighting fixture elements

  • Embedded Lighting Controls 

  • Power capabilities that help eliminate the need for auxiliary power supply options 

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