Hybrid HydraDrive Technology

What Is Hybrid HydraDrive?

Hybrid HydraDrive is our signature eldoLED technology solution that combats flicker. This technology combines the best of Constant Current Reduction (CCR) and PWM. The result is natural dimming to dark (0.1%) and optimized flicker performance through a variable frequency. The flicker remains in the IEEE 1789 green ‘safe zone’ at all dimming levels.

Hybrid HydraDrive is already installed in every one of our SOLOdrive, DUALdrive, POWERdrive and LINEARdrive LED drivers—taking the guesswork out for you.


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Benefits Of Hybrid HydraDrive Technology

Our Hybrid HydraDrive technology helps you with:

  • Flicker-safe dimming when increasing or decreasing brightness

  • Setting a minimum dimming level

  • Incorporating dynamic behavior

  • Featuring adaptable dimming curves

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