Flicker-Safe Dimming

Visible and non-visible flicker can causes an entire array of performance and health effects. This ranges from eyestrain to serious neurological problems such as epileptic seizures.

What does Flicker-Safe mean?

Flicker-Safe dimming is the practice where visible and non-visible flicker is not visible to the human eye.

eldoLED believes the IEEE P1789 standard and the diagram associated with it are great tools to compare drivers with regard to flicker. We suggest the following recommended practice for the specification of LED drivers:


"LED drivers shall conform to IEEE P1789 standards. Alternatively, manufacturers must demonstrate conformance with product literature and testing which demonstrates this performance. Submit % flicker in 1% increments for full range of dimming starting at 500 mA for full output reading. Systems that do not meet IEEE P1789 will not be considered."


*All eldoLED constant current drivers meet the IEEE P1789 recommendations.

Hybrid HydraDrive: eldoLED's Flicker-Safe Technology

Hybrid HydraDrive is our signature eldoLED technology solution that combats flicker. This technology combines the best of Constant Current Reduction (CCR) and PWM. The result is natural dimming to dark (0.1%) and optimized flicker performance through a variable frequency. The flicker remains in the IEEE 1789 green ‘safe zone’ at all dimming levels.


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