D4i Certified LED Drivers

Where efficiency, productivity, simplicity and interoperability intersect. OPTOTRONIC D4i Certified LED Drivers by eldoLED, exclusive in North America, leverage one interface for designing compatible luminaires for intelligent systems, extracting fixture-specific data and increasing productivity.

What are D4i Certified LED Drivers?

OPTOTRONIC D4i Certified LED Drivers by eldoLED are an intra-luminaire interface based on DALI communications. It provides bi-directional communication and power between an OPTOTRONIC® D4i LED driver and a fixture-integrated component.


D4i/DALI drivers are a simplified option of creating smart, connected fixtures that are compatible with industry-leading light management systems. Perfect for supporting future data-driven applications that require precise luminaire data.

The First In The Industry

We’re the first in the industry to achieve D4i certification on both indoor and outdoor DALI/ D4i LED drivers (indoor: OTi30, OTi50 and OTi85 and outdoor: OTi60, OTi100 and OTi180). The D4i certification of our DALI LED drivers allow for new opportunities to create smart, connected fixtures when paired with D4i certified sensors. Our D4i Partners and their sensors are certified by DiiA Alliance.


Manufacturers that adopt OPTOTRONIC drivers with D4i/DALI can support multiple projects requiring bi-directional communications using one driver. It’s that simple. One driver for multiple projects—even if each project specifies a different light management system. 

Meet Our Partners

Work with a D4i / DiiA Alliance Partner for certified system compatibility with their fixture integrated components and our OPTOTRONIC D4i Certified LED Driver. These drivers allows luminaire manufacturers to easily design-in components that support multiple light management systems (LMS). Providing a wider variety for light specifiers and agents to choose the best LMS system and luminaire for their project.


We're proactively working with our partners in developing smarter fixtures for the future.

How D4i Certified Drivers Benefit Luminaire Manufacturers

The D4i protocal enables a streamlined means of designing luminaires that are both smart and compatible with multiple light management systems, thereby increasing productivity.


By utilizing an OPTOTRONIC D4i Certified LED driver (based on DALI), manufacturers can build smart fixtures that support various light management systems (LMS).

How D4i Certified Drivers Benefit Agents

The D4i protocal provides you with one interface that’s supported by multiple light management systems (LMS). Here’s some additional perks:

  • Communicate bi-directionally with the D4i/DALI interface

  • Create smart connected luminaires (smart nodes) compatible with various LMS systems

  • Set up luminaires for future smart building applications based on DALI interface

How D4i Certified Drivers Benefit Endusers

The D4i interface allows endusers to extract valuable fixture-specific data for predictive maintenance.  

  • Turn your fixture into a smart node on a lighting control network

  • Extract valuable fixture-specific data for maintenance service including:

    • Power and energy consumption

    • Temperature profile

    • Operating hours

    • Diagnostics and more

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