eldoLED Technology

We live in a digital world—and lighting is not an exception. LED Driver Technology propels those seamless transitions for deep-dimming, Tunable White and embedded lighting controls. At eldoLED we offer three signature lighting technologies: LightShape, Hybrid HydraDrive and LEDcode.

LightShape technology empowers varying shades of white within your lighting applications. Hybrid HydraDrive provides seamless dimming all the way to 0.1% while remaining flicker-safe. LEDcode ensures flawless interoperability between lighting fixtures. 

Learn more about our LED driver technologies' capabilities below.

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  • Hybrid HydraDrive Technology

    Hybrid HydraDrive Technology

    eldoLED signature Hybrid HydraDrive technology combines the best of CCR and PWM dimming. The result is natural dimming to dark (0.1%) and optimized flicker performance through a variable frequency.

  • LightShape Technology

    LightShape Technology

    LightShape technology creates a smart relationship between control input and LED outputs This enables precision lighting design in Dim to Warm and Tunable White applications.

  • LEDcode Technology

    LEDcode Technology

    LEDcode programs the driver and communicates with select sensors and controls. You can easily program LEDcode with our FluxTool Software and other tools and devices.

  • D4i Certified LED Drivers

    D4i Certified LED Drivers

    OPTOTRONIC by eldoLED D4i Certified LED Drivers are an intra-luminaire interface based on DALI communications. It provides bi-directional communication and power between an OPTOTRONIC® by eldoLED D4i Certified LED driver and a fixture-integrated component.

  • Dim to Dark

    Dim to Dark

    Natural Dimming is the key that optimizes your lighting experience. See the difference an LED driver makes in your lighting application.

  • Flicker-Safe Dimming

    Flicker-Safe Dimming

    Visible and non-visible flicker negatively impacts performance and health. Read how eldoLED’s constant current drivers successfully meet the IEEE P1789 recommendations.

  • Smooth Dimming

    Smooth Dimming

    Output step and size impacts the visual experience. Learn more about the digital nature of LEDs and LED drivers for light shifting.

  • Interoperability


    Flexibility for better LED lighting solutions. LED driver interoperability adds value to the lighting experience by pushing dynamic intelligent lighting into new application areas.