Traditional Dimming

Traditional Dimming in LED drivers lowers the intensity of light. This practice is common with every type of lighting. At eldoLED, we realize every LED’s dimming behavior is different and needs special attention. 

Dimming an LED involves dimming curves, drive current, dimming rates and levels. Transitioning to digital LED drivers requires reliable dimming technology.

That’s why we’ve created our signature Hybrid HydraDrive technology for our ECOdrive and SOLOdrive LED drivers. This technology takes the best of CCR and PWM to ensure smooth, flicker-safe and deep-dimming (0.1%).

Traditional Dimming benefits

Above Standard (0.1%)

1% is the standard for dimming. We believe you should never settle for less. We strive to go beyond the standard with innovative and industry-compliant dimming capabilities. Our SOLOdrive and DUALdrive product guarantees dimming all the way down to dark.


Redefining Traditional Dimming

We deliver on the promise of making LED lighting beautiful—adhering to the IEEE 1789 standard for smooth, flicker-safe dimming.


Taking The Guesswork Out

It’s not up to you to figure out Traditional Dimming. At eldoLED, we take the guesswork out of it for you with our Hybrid HydraDrive Technology—combining the best of CCR and PWM.

In Application

Traditional Dimming reproduces nature’s light intensity, colors and transitions for Circadian health. Retailers can balance natural light’s transition and effects for consistent lighting.