LED Modules

LED Modules produce high quality light for your desired indoor and outdoor lighting applications. PrevaLED® by eldoLED versatile and high efficiency LED modules are LED agnostic and tailored to fit your specific lighting projects. 

Whether it’s your street and area lighting, directional lighting, general lighting or downlighting applications, PrevaLED LED Modules have you covered. Best combined with OPTOTRONIC® by eldoLED LED drivers.

LED Modules benefits


Across The Spectrum

Lighting isn’t just confined to indoors. Our custom-tailored portfolio of PrevaLED LED modules enables you to provide your best lighting in your indoor, outdoor, industrial and downlighting applications.


Quality Assured

Rest assured any PrevaLED by eldoLED LED module provides you with the best in-class quality and supply chain. Every product in our portfolio comes with a three-year warranty solo and a five-year warranty when paired with OPTOTRONIC.


Transition With Ease

Time’s up—no worries though. PrevaLED LED modules provide generational transition without issues. Ensuring you’re continuing onward and upward.