Dynamic Dimming

Natural light’s shades of color and tone evolve throughout the day.

Dynamic Dimming allows you to customize and specify Dim to Warm, Tunable White and spectral behavior. This results in light that fits the space, fulfills the installation needs and feels natural.

eldoLED embedded LightShape technology handles all the ‘math’ of dynamic dimming. It reduces complexity and ensures the light is consistent between luminaires, across a space and throughout a building.

LightShape also provides consistency with a mix of lighting applications and luminaires. Our Dynamic Dimming is agnostic with respect to protocols and control systems. It’s deployable with standard controls and LED modules. Luminaire manufacturers can establish their own dynamic dimming profiles for intensity, color temperature and drive current.

Every driver also has our Hybrid HydraDrive technology installed. Making every light solution have smooth transitions between intensity levels and color points without color separation and remaining flicker-safe.

Dynamic Dimming benefits

Maximum Interoperability

Our LED drivers interoperate with your favorite controls—nLight®, Casambi, DALI-2—for the maximum lighting experience.


Technology-Enabled HCL

The goal with LED lighting is to mimic natural light. We make that possible with our LightShape and Hybrid HydraDrive technology. Ensuring quality light that’s consistent across luminaires with smooth intensity and color.


Intelligent Color Awareness

Reliability guaranteed. We craft every eldoLED driver with color awareness and ensure they understand the designated control system. Optimizing these two factors provides reliability with any of your programmed lighting solutions.

In Application

Dynamic Dimming is integral in places where we live, work and learn. Any application that incorporates natural light but also needs compatible illumination is an ideal fit.