Color Blending

Color Blending is the ‘original’ LED lighting application.  It allows independent control of multiple channels of red, green and blue LEDs to beautify cities, entertain audiences and enliven interior spaces. 

eldoLED drivers feature standard digital control (i.e. DALI, DMX/RDM) and up to 32 independently controlled LED driver outputs. This supports simple and complex (full-spectrum) color configurations.

Color Blending benefits

Consistency, Guaranteed

Quality of Light when you need it. Any eldoLED POWERdrive or LINEARdrive Color Blending solution provides consistent and robust delivery on your full-color architectural or entertainment applications.


Flexibility Beyond Color

Color Blending isn’t just confined to color. You can program any of our eldoLED drivers for your dynamic white lighting solutions. You heard that right—combine our POWERdrive and LINEARdrive drivers with DALI for dynamic control without compromise.


Keep It Smooth

Think every DMX driver lacks smooth transitions? Think again. At eldoLED, our one-by-one step solution provides smooth transitions within every POWERdrive and LINEARdrive Color Blending solution. Ensuring that there is no perceived light difference for your eyes.

In Application

Color Blending is now applied to single-color accent and cove lighting applications and full spectrum lighting solutions (RGBW+)—perfect for entertainment and theatrical venues. Its dynamic capabilities also lend itself to fast-changing, dynamic white lighting.