Traditional Dimming

Traditional Dimming in LED drivers lowers the intensity of light. This practice is common with every type of lighting. At eldoLED, we realize every LED’s dimming behavior is different and needs special attention. 

Dimming an LED involves dimming curves, drive current, dimming rates and levels. Transitioning to digital LED drivers requires reliable dimming technology.

That’s why we’ve created our signature Hybrid HydraDrive technology for our ECOdrive and SOLOdrive LED drivers. This technology takes the best of CCR and PWM to ensure smooth, flicker-safe and deep-dimming (0.1%).

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Dynamic Dimming

Natural light’s shades of color and tone evolve throughout the day.

Dynamic Dimming allows you to customize and specify Dim to Warm, Tunable White and spectral behavior. This results in light that fits the space, fulfills the installation needs and feels natural.

eldoLED embedded LightShape technology handles all the ‘math’ of dynamic dimming. It reduces complexity and ensures the light is consistent between luminaires, across a space and throughout a building.

LightShape also provides consistency with a mix of lighting applications and luminaires. Our Dynamic Dimming is agnostic with respect to protocols and control systems. It’s deployable with standard controls and LED modules. Luminaire manufacturers can establish their own dynamic dimming profiles for intensity, color temperature and drive current.

Every driver also has our Hybrid HydraDrive technology installed. Making every light solution have smooth transitions between intensity levels and color points without color separation and remaining flicker-safe.

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Color Blending

Color Blending is the ‘original’ LED lighting application.  It allows independent control of multiple channels of red, green and blue LEDs to beautify cities, entertain audiences and enliven interior spaces. 

eldoLED drivers feature standard digital control (i.e. DALI, DMX/RDM) and up to 32 independently controlled LED driver outputs. This supports simple and complex (full-spectrum) color configurations.

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LED Modules

LED Modules produce high quality light for your desired indoor and outdoor lighting applications. PrevaLED® by eldoLED versatile and high efficiency LED modules are LED agnostic and tailored to fit your specific lighting projects. 

Whether it’s your street and area lighting, directional lighting, general lighting or downlighting applications, PrevaLED LED Modules have you covered. Best combined with OPTOTRONIC® by eldoLED LED drivers.

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Tools & Accessories

The LED Driver and controls protocols aren't the only factors that drive the Quality of Light. It’s the tools that fuel it. The full range of eldoLED accessories compliment any our LED drivers. Perfect for LED lighting applications, controls and installations. Configuration tool categories for eldoLED drivers include LEDcode, OPTOTRONIC® and DMX ShowMaster. Each category comprises of software and hardware options.

Our production configuration tooling enables rapid throughput, lowers production costs and simplifies your supply chain. The tooling’s accuracy logs data for traceability and reduces operator error.

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