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eldoLED drivers controlled by Bluetooth give tenants in new workshop complex tunable, dimmable light at the touch of a phone screen

A single type of user-controllable tunable fixture gives occupants the flexibility to adjust color and brightness for widely varying use cases

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – 18 October 2021 – eldoLED, the manufacturer of intelligent drive solutions for LED-based lighting systems, has demonstrated in a new installation in Uden, The Netherlands the ability of a single type of tunable, wireless luminaire to provide a flexible solution that meets a diverse set of user requirements and is consistent with Human-Centric Lighting principles.

The new scheme is at ‘t Handelshuys, a 6000m2 complex of studios and workspaces rented out to various small businesses and freelance workers. The entire lighting scheme, developed by Uden-based Tronix Lighting (www.tronixlighting.com) in collaboration with eldoLED, consists of just two types of luminaire and driver:

  • Tronix Lighting single-color dimmable downlights in shared spaces such as corridors, driven by eldoLED SOLOdrive LED drivers

  • Tronix Lighting tunable white lighting panels in each tenant’s space, powered by eldoLED DUALdrive LED drivers


The DUALdrive units are equipped with eldoLED Bluetooth® modules supporting a Casambi wireless control network (www.casambi.com). The DUALdrive units enable each tenant to adjust the color and intensity of light in their unit using the Casambi app on a smartphone or tablet.

By using a single color-tunable luminaire, the ‘t Handelshuys scheme can provide the ideal light output for each of a diverse set of users, such as an artist’s studio, a classroom for school-age children, and office space for web designers and other companies.


The scheme is consistent with the principles of Human-Centric Lighting, enabling users to adjust the luminaires’ output to match the changes in the intensity and color of natural light throughout the day and from season to season. With the intuitive Casambi app, users can easily adjust the color temperature of lighting throughout the day to align with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. One of the ‘t Handelshuys ‘residents’ (as the tenants are known) Ben van de Werd said, ‘Residents here have the feeling of outside light indoors.’


Mark Cremer, director of product marketing at eldoLED, said: ‘The ‘t Handelshuys installation is a successful example of Human-Centric Lighting in action, giving every user the right color, intensity, and quality of light, no matter what task they are engaged in or what time of day or night it is.

‘The scheme also meets the building owner’s need for a system that is economical, because it only uses two types of luminaires and two types of drivers across more than 1,000 light points. The freedom to adjust the light output means that, even if tenants or the use of the space change over time, the lighting can change too without the need to replace the fixtures. In addition, the wireless control network means that there is no need for control cabling, saving installation and equipment purchase costs.’

Maarten Verbruggen, Managing Director of Tronix Lighting, said: ‘The ‘t Handelshuys scheme shows that user-controllable tunable white lighting does not need complex or unusual hardware. And with wireless Casambi controls and a single fixture in the workspaces, this scheme is easy to install and easy for residents to use.’


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