Restaurant At Sea Case Study

The Restaurant at Sea (AKA AtSea) is in Dronten, Netherlands. Its beautiful waterfront location offers endless possibilities for dining, events, business outings and overnight stays. The overall goal of AtSea's team is to provide you with an unforgettable experience through luxurious interiors, excellent cuisine and exceptional surroundings.


Geography was one of the biggest challenges facing the Restaurant at Sea and proved to be the downfall for prior businesses. The award-winning Dutch home automation company, MoreSenz, realized this and strived to create a unique, automated atmospheric lighting concept that would make the trek worthwhile.

MoreSenz took on this project in 2017 and used eldoLED POWERdrive 50W and SOLOdrive 30W LED drivers to bring the Restaurant at Sea to life.

Create Functional And Dynamic Tunable White Lighting

AtSea's architect wanted a cozy and functional lighting design. MoreSenz's concept maximized eldoLED tunable white capabilities to dynamically adjust lighting throughout the day and evening. At the push of a button, AtSea's staff can create a suitable lighting atmosphere for parties, events or company presentations.


eldoLED drivers were the core of the project. POWERdrive and SOLOdrive LED drivers provided deep dimming capabilities (0.1%), individual control, flexibility and flicker-free performance all while remaining concealed within the track fixtures.


MoreSenz leveraged their proprietary control system to oversee a max of thirty individual fixtures. Individual control enables customizable lighting and atmosphere for every table. Their pre-programmed light menus provided AtSea staff ease of use amidst transitions and hectic time periods.


Innovation Yields Long-Standing Results

The Restaurant at Sea was one of the first projects to leverage tunable white luminaires. Controlling the individual color temperature of every light fixture resulted in a luxurious look and feel for the space.

This unique and innovative lighting design maximized the overall user experience and ensures that AtSea is still going strong today.

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