Sarah Cheikh

Meet Sarah.

Sarah Cheikh was always fueled by two things—attention to detail and advocating for the environment. At six years old, she walked through her local supermarket passing out hand-drawn pamphlets that educated shoppers on how to properly throw away trash. Her drawings not only encouraged advocacy from her parents and shoppers—but the grocery store management as well. As a result, these educational efforts adorned every supermarket bin.


Sarah ended up pursuing a career and education in fashion. After realizing that fashion wasn’t her passion, she channeled her detail-oriented approach and people skills to land the Office Manager position at eldoLED.  She thrived off of ensuring the office and its operations ran smoothly for her colleagues.  A year later, the Facility Manager retired and eldoLED knew there was only one person for the job.


Fast forward to now and Sarah is reigniting her enthusiasm for sustainability into our ongoing efforts to support the Acuity Brands comprehensive EarthLight ESG approach. Under her leadership, she—and the eldoLED Green Taskforce—are finding new ways for us to improve, investigate and initiate new energy-saving and sustainable initiatives. Notable accomplishments include replacing a gas-fired heating system with a heat exchanger, installing 1100 solar panels on the Son facility roof and transitioning the eldoLED office to 100% green renewable energy.


According to Sarah, sustainability isn’t solely improving the environment—it also maximizes the human experience. A value at the core of the eldoLED brand. Her efforts with sustainability garnered traction, advocacy and adoption within the eldoLED offices.

Her Fun Fact

Sarah’s independent spirit spans beyond her profession and into one of her personal passion projects—the renovation of her new home. She was inspired by her father’s work as a handyman, created a Pinterest board based on her vision and channeled that energy into the revamp of her kitchen and bathroom.


Her go-to song is Level-Up by Ciara—and she applies that to every aspect of her personal and professional life.

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