Arjen Walstra

Meet Arjen. 

With an engineer for a father, Arjen was exposed to engineering from an early age. He found soldering a flashing light at school “magical”, for example. He joined eldoLED back in 2009, as the eleventh employee and is now group leader of the Test Team. He feels this development reflects one of the great things about eldoLED - the company offers every individual (engineer) the opportunity to develop into what they would like to become.

The exciting, fascinating factor in Arjen’s work, he feels, is working on tasks such as product releases. Here, multiple disciplines are involved (firmware, hardware, software, mechanical and electrotechnical design). A deep understanding of where the dependencies are is then required and systems are continuously improved with new insights. This makes his job very dynamic and interesting, apart from the fact that planning and distributing the workload can be challenging!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Arjen loves working with home automation, designing, testing and optimizing everything from the lighting installation to the thermostat, swimming pool, and garden sprinkler installation.

His Fun Fact

Two of his three kids play water polo, which Arjen picked up five years ago. Today, he is a team coach. Although he makes clear that he approaches a group of children very differently from a group of adults, coaching a sports team is much like being a test team leader...

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