Programming Software

eldoLED software enables you to quickly and easily customize eldoLED drivers for your application.

Want To Quickly Validate A Design For Applications?

Connect our driver with TOOLbox Pro via USB to read its settings. Then, use profile-less programming to change individual parameters. You'll receive immediate feedback on programming status as you modify settings and write them to the driver.

Need To Configure A Large Batch Of Drivers For An Upcoming Product Run?

Create, edit and save configurations—also known as profiles. You can automatically write these profiles every time a driver is connected using the auto-write feature.

Complimentary Hardware 

We also provide an optional TOOLbox adapter that eliminates the need to connect the driver to an external AC voltage supply during programming. Using this device protects operators from the hazards of mains voltage and enables maximum efficiency through the utilization of hands-free configuration jigs. See our Programming Hardware section.

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