Tools & Accessories

The LED Driver and controls protocols aren't the only factors that drive the Quality of Light. It’s the tools that fuel it. The full range of eldoLED accessories compliment any our LED drivers. Perfect for LED lighting applications, controls and installations. Configuration tools for eldoLED drivers includes programming software, FluxTool and several hardware devices.

Our production configuration tooling enables rapid throughput, lowers production costs and simplifies your supply chain. The tooling’s accuracy logs data for traceability and reduces operator error.

Tools & Accessories benefits


Simplify Your Supply Chain

The goal with developing eldoLED Tools & Accessories is to add value to your supply chain and reduce SKUs with our LED driver ecosystem and mass programming.


Enabling Intelligence

eldoLED Tools & Accessories empower customers with the flexibility to program their desired lighting solution—ensuring intelligent LED drivers for maximum Quality of Light.


Making It Easy

At eldoLED, we take that extra step to help our customers create their lighting solutions—and achieve their lighting goals in the long-run.

Programming Software

Customize your LED driver for your desired applications with our programming software. Free to download and easy to create.

Programming Hardware

Use the FluxTool programming software with a TOOLbox pro programming hardware to configure a single LED driver. You can also use a TOOLbox pro, TOOLbox adapter and configuration jig hardware to program multiple LED drivers in a production environment.


Our full range of accessories complement the eldoLED LED drivers in the control and installation aspects of LED lighting applications.

Embedded controls enable smart luminaires. The solutions for eldoLED drivers go beyond seamless cooperation between LED driver and the accessories. These digitally integrated LED driver accessories create a better lighting experience, add value through extended functionality and push dynamic, intelligent lighting into new application areas.