About Us

You Like High Quality Lighting—So Do We

At eldoLED, our focus is how light enhances your everyday life. Our LED drivers provide you with seamless lighting that fulfills your needs and parallels natural light.

Our promise is to provide you with customizable and consistent high-quality lighting solutions that fit any of your applications and surroundings.

Every programmable driver within our portfolio enables you to shape light in a way that meets your needs. Not only is driver technology the heart of modern lighting—it’s the core of what we do.

Our Vision

A world where illumination is equal in character and quality to natural light.

Our Mission

To help the lighting community deliver LED lighting that is comfortable, efficient, healthier and intelligent with smarter digital drive solutions.


We're About You

At eldoLED, human centricity is key for lighting and people. We’re invested in developing a deep understanding of your end-user requirements so we can create a reliable solution for your most specific projects.

Our highly motivated and creative global team innovates together. Whether we’re engineers, sales managers or HR representatives, we all share the passion for cutting-edge lighting technology and believe that lighting will be better tomorrow than it is today.

With eldoLED, we’re committed to working with you to expand natural light that’s efficient, sustainable and healthy.

Company Values

Open To Change

We challenge the status quo, continuously find ways to simplify processes and learn from our successes and failures.

Listen, Learn, Lead

We show curiosity, remain open to new ideas and feedback and collaborate to determine the path forward.

‘Can Do, Will Do’ Mentality

We take responsibility for our work and ask for help when needed.

Collaboration Achieves Objectives

We leverage each other’s skills and expertise—all while having fun, of course.

Abide By Respect, Honesty And Transparency

We treat others respectfully through transparent and honest communication. We show up, are present and take care of others.

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